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Naxos Beaches

Naxos Beaches

Naxos Island has some of the very best beaches in Greece. Saint George is the beach of  Naxos Town (Hora).  It is located in the so named bay and it stretches almost one kilometre to the south. Agios Prokopios is a fine sand beach located south the headland of Stelida peninsula. Agia Anna, the next

Monuments on Naxos Island

Monuments on Naxos Island

The island of Naxos is an island steeped in history, and if you take time out to explore some of its most historical landmarks and monuments from the past, you will find you holiday experienced enriched. The passing of the Venetians through Naxos left its mark on the cultural, religious and social life of the



The landscape of Naxos is very diverse and varied. In contrast to the other islands of the Cyclades, Naxos is privileged with fertile cultivatable land.

Naxos Town (Chora)

Naxos Town (Hora)

Naxos Town on the west coast is the island’s port and capital and it is the arrival point for all but air visitors. The town officially called Naxos, most books and residents call it Hora. The town feels like four towns joined together: the port with the waterfront, the Old Town with the Venetian Castle

Hotels in Naxos

Hotels in Naxos offer a wide range of hotels for all needs and budget. Accommodation includes simple units, complexes, on the beach, in the castle area of Naxos Town, in suburbs of the town, agrotourism units where you can visit the orchard or the farm and pick up your own products. Naxos Town (Chora) is

Where to eat on Naxos Island

Naxos Island has plenty of places with great local and international cuisine and most of the restaurants and taverns offer quality food at competitive prices. The cuisine of Naxos is famous for its simplicity, variety but above all, for a great strong taste that is a result of the abundance of fresh material. Gorgona Restaurant

Quick Tour

Naxos is a popular tourist destination, with several easily accessible ruins. It has a number of beautiful beaches, such as those at Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Alikos, Kastraki, Mikri Vigla, Plaka, and Saint George (Agios Georgios), most of them near Naxos Town(Hora). Kilometres of white sand beaches that are the best in the Cyclades. But

Galini & Eggares

Galini is 5 kilometres away north of Naxos Town and it is a traditional and quiet and peaceful village, in the verdant Galini Valley. The area is surrounded by orchards and farms and the beach (Amitis beach) is only 1500 metres away from the village. In the village are a few taverns and there is