Naxos Town (Chora)

Naxos Town (Hora)

Naxos Town on the west coast is the island’s port and capital and it is the arrival point for all but air visitors. The town officially called Naxos, most books and residents call it Hora. The town feels like four towns joined together: the port with the waterfront, the Old Town with the Venetian Castle (Kastro), Saint George with the so named beach.

Walking behind the waterfront and up to the maze of alleys, the street enters the north gate of the Castle’s original seven, built by the conquering Venetians in 1207 when they also rebuilt the ancient sea mole in the harbor below to enhance their sea power.

Don’t miss in Naxos Town
Portara, Naxos’ landmark, is the giant gate of the Apollon Temple on Palatia Islet in Naxos Town. The temple was begun by the tyrant Lygdamis, who ruled Naxos from 545 to 524 BC, but it was unfinished at the end of his reign and never thereafter completed. All that remains today are the platform of the temple, some columns and architectural fragments, and the north-west portal made from three massive blocks of Naxian marble, with a clear opening 6.2 metres in height and 3.7 metres wide.

The Venetian Castle, the border tower protecting the Castle of Sanoudos in Hora. The wall surrounding the fortress is pentagonal and has three gates. Glezos Tower (Crispi) stands near the northwestern gate and extends in part along the western and northern side of the Castle. It has four floors and it is the only castle in Naxos Island with a round tower attached to it.

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