Apeiranthos Village


Apeirathos is a pretty village on the slops of Mount Zas at 650 metres altitude and was supposed to have originally been settled by Cretans.The village has its own distinct style, the houses are built from marble.

Apiranthos in Naxos GreeceOn the eastern slop of the mountain Fanari there are two caves. Kanavari cave is 30 metres long and 9 metres width and Fidas cave is 32 metres long and 22 metres width.

Panagia Apeirathitissa is one of the oldest and remarkable churches of Naxos Island with some excellent post Byzantine icons and marble screens. There also some other nice churches; Agios Hryssostomos 1656, Theoskepasti 1663, Agia Paraskevi 1708, Theotokos Katapoliani 1685. Panagia Fanariotissa is a small church on the top of the mountain, 45 minutes walk from Apeiranthos.

Zevgoli Tower is an impressive building since the 17th century and it is situated on a massive rock. Bardani Tower (or Sfortza – Kastri tower), is a nice tower which belonged to Kastri Family, one of the most powerful families of Naxos Island.

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