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Mainland Naxos

Mainland NaxosNaxos Island has over 40 villages to visit and most of them have their own distinct character and style.

Most of the Naxos villages are in the middle and the north of the island. Apeiranthos is a pretty village on the slops of Mount Zas, Koronos is a stepped village and one of the most beautiful villages in Naxos Island.

Keramoti is a quiet village full of walnut trees and surrounded by mountains ideal for walking. Potamia is a group of three beautiful villages in a fertile valley, Melanes is the place to see the huge statue of Kouros.

Naxos Car RentalsHalki (or Tragea) once administrative centre, is a beautiful village with long history. Filoti is nice village, surrounded by olive groves and settled on the flank of Zas mountain.

Sagri with its ancient monuments, Byzantine Churches, Venetian castles is one of the interesting places in Naxos. Galini and Eggares are traditional, quiet and peaceful villages, in the verdant Galini – Eggares Valley.

There are many routes to choose from, and for the adventure lovers there are more than 20 walking tours to discover olive groves, forests, caves, ravines.

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