Hotels in Naxos

Naxos Beach

Hotels in Naxos offer a wide range of hotels for all needs and budget.

Accommodation includes simple units, complexes, on the beach, in the castle area of Naxos Town, in suburbs of the town, agrotourism units where you can visit the orchard or the farm and pick up your own products.

Naxos Town (Chora) is the port and capital on the Island. It is lively town with the most of the happening in the island.

Saint George Beach in the so named bay, is Naxos Town beach. There is a wide choice of accommodation, from simple hotels and studios – apartments to 4 star hotels.

Agios Prokopios with the marvelous beach is only 5 kilometres from Naxos Town and Agia Anna resort is just after Agios Prokopios.

Plaka, with the powder soft sand, is the next beach to the south and it is a popular destination.

Kastraki is a quiet resort with beautiful sand. Agiassos is the southernmost accessible beach and it has fine sand and shallow waters.

Galini and Eggares villages offer an escape from the crowds; in the fertile valley of Eggares is a complex of four maisonette villas each with private swimming pool, while in Galini Naxos Filoxenia Hotel is an excellent choice for rural tourism.

Moutsouna on the east coast of Naxos is also away from the crowds and combines beaches, relaxing and walks.

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Majo Suites Hotel in Naxos

Contelibro Luxury Suites

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Vita Residence Apartment in Naxos

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Koronos Naxos Greece

A spot in Koronos

Apeiranthos Village in Naxos Greece

A spot in Apeiranthos

Skado Village in Noth Naxos

Skado Village

Beach Resorts (West)

Saint George Beach in Naxos Town

Saint George Beach in Naxos Town

Agios Prokopios beach in Naxos Greece

Agios Prokopios Beach

Agia Anna Beach in Naxos Greece

Agia Anna Beach

Plaka Beach in Naxos Greece

Plaka Beach

Mikri Vigla Parthena beach

Mikri Vigla Parthena Beach

Kastraki Beach in Naxos Island Greece

Kastraki Beach

Agiassos Beach in Naxos Greece

Agiassos Beach

Beach Resorts (East)

Beach in Moutsouna

Beach in Moutsouna

Beach in Moutsouna

Beach in Moutsouna

Psili Ammos in Naxos Greece

Psili Ammos

Agia Anna Resort

Agia Anna Beach Resort in Naxos Greece

Agia Anna is one of the most beautiful areas in Naxos Island, reputed for its fine sandy beach. It makes an excellent resort and it is ideal for visitors who love beach holidays.

It is a lovely resort that attracts plenty of visitors every year. Once a fishing village, today a popular resort with golden sand and plenty of beach restauranrs, taverns and clubs.

There is a small port in Agia Anna where organized cruises depart to remote beaches. Horse riding, car and motoribike rentals, travel agencies and cash point machines are also available in Agia Anna.

Naxos Town

Naxos Town Chora


Naxos Town on the west coast is the island’s port and capital and it is the arrival point for all but air visitors. The town officially called Naxos, most books and residents call it Hora. The town feels like four towns joined together: the port with the waterfront, the Old Town with the Venetian Castle (Kastro), Saint George with the so named beach.

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